As we are all aware, as we get older we start to lose some of our agility. We can get a little slower. We can become a little less attentive and we do have a few more aches and pains. As Art Linkletter said, “If you’re over 60 and you wake up without a pain, you are dead.” However, there are a lot of things that we also gain. We all tend to have lied a lot of life and learned from our experiences. Our brain, they say, does not deteriorate like some of our other muscles unless we abuse it with drugs and alcohol or contract some disease that effects us negatively. Our brain is an extremely powerful muscle!

There is an old saying ‘whatever you believe you will become.’ Henry Ford said, “if you  believe you are a failure you are right. If you believe you are successful, you are also right.”

So what kind of a day are you going to have today? Are you going to be happy, productive and joyful or sad or grumpy? The choice is always up to us, so we need to choose to be happy!

There was a study done where they divided a group of seniors into two groups – one exercised daily. The other group was asked to simply set in a chair with their eyes closed and practice the exercise in their mind. In this case, the people who did the visualization had the best results. Our mind is a wonderful opportunity to be successful.

Another study was done with a group of people who needed arthroscopic knee surgery. Knees were worn down and needed the joint to be cleaned out. For half of the group, there was an actual surgery and for the other half there was none. The physician got the families agreement to only pretend they did the surgery and they made three tiny incisions around the knee. When they woke up, they thought they had had the surgery. After two years those who had the fake surgery suggested they had the same amount of relief as those that had the surgery. You may think the brain tricked them into feeling no pain. When the doctors examined the knees over time they actually say improvements, even without surgery.

It really comes down to the fact that what we believe we become. We need to become more positive in our lives and not buy into the myth ‘that as we get older, we become less of a person’. We are actually better than we were. The key to our life is: ‘we become what we believe and what thoughts we put into our brains.”

Let’s resolve to be positive and happy!

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