Are You Present?

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Silly question. Right? Of course, we are present – I can see my hands and the freckles on them, my feet, my bulges. Yes, I am here and present!

Whoa! Am I REALLY present though? Well, if I look at all the situations that occur in my life on a regular basis, there may be times when I am not really present. You know, it’s noticeable when you are driving somewhere and you realize you’re not sure where you are going – you have to pay attention and think about where you are and where your end destination is. That’s always a fun one!

Or, if you’re like me you may find there are times when you come into a room and have no idea why you are there! Present? Not likely! Another one that really tells me I’m not present is when someone is introduced to me (or me to them) and in 10 seconds I have forgotten their name. Ouch!

Being present is being mindful about what is going on around you. Whether you are alone or with family, friends or peers it means paying attention to your surroundings and how they fit in for you.

Problems staying present – it’s okay because it can be learned. Sometimes a lack of being present comes from too much emotional distress in your life. Consider COVID – it is around us and we may be unconsciously considering how do we stay safe, what do we do about aging grandparents, what about our kids, how do we keep them safe. There are so many things that need to be considered with this world-wide pandemic.

So now that we know what to be aware of, let’s look at how to be more mindful, to be more present:

  • Use your 5 senses to check on what’s going on around you – taste, smell, touch, sound and sight can help to keep us in the present
  • Write in a journal about wheat you are experiencing today
  • Praise YOU when you do something well

And then when you are with others consider these options:

  • Put your cell phone away when you are with others
  • Ask questions of others to get more information about them
  • Respond to what they are saying with more comments or questions

Being present isn’t all that difficult – it’s being aware that gets difficult. Once you are aware that you are mindful of your ability to be present it is much easier to actually be there.

Emotions can get in the way – recognize this. Each day be aware of your emotions – quiet, fun, anguish, light, sad, melancholy, flirtatious, happy. Recognition is the first step and then paying attention to yourself and to others makes a huge difference.

Start today – take several moments throughout the day to stop and check yourself and be more conscious of your reaction to your surroundings and to others. Enjoy being present!

Sherry’s CORNER

With the changing weather we seem to have had our fair share in this city. Perhaps you have as well. One day my husband was downtown and when he came out of the building where he had completed his business the wind was so strong he was having trouble standing although he was trying to hold onto the building as he worked his way back towards his car. A bus driver saw him, rushed off his bus and took his arm! Wow! I am so grateful, and not only that, another bus driver also hopped out of his bus and grabbed my husband’s other arm. Together they helped him around the corner where the wind was quieter so he could get to his car.

Surely you have experienced such kindness as well in this crazy, topsy-turvy world we seem to be in now. Please share your experiences with me.

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”Wherever you are be all there.”

― Jim Elliot

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