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Yes, you read it right! It is our thoughts that count. Do you sit in meetings wishing you could speak up and be noticed? Do you deal with customers wanting to let them know how their approach might be better with honey than vinegar? Perhaps you want your boss to know you work late every night to meet corporate goals?

You’re not alone! Most of us have thoughts about what we should, shouldn’t, can, can’t, will, won’t, do. And, unfortunately, okay, sometimes fortunately, we don’t say anything. It’s our thoughts that create the problems for us. We may think it and yet often we fail to act on it.

Watch your own thoughts! Do you:

  • Think you are not good enough for the job you’re doing
  • Don’t take the tough jobs for fear of not being successful
  • Find fault with the projects you have been assigned
  • Worry about what’s happening when you are left out of a meeting

If any of these points are things you worry about be aware – even the most successful leaders, CEO’s, bosses and even your friends feel these things at one time or another. The difference is, most have learned how to train their brains so they put these negative thoughts aside and focus on the positive.

How do you do this?

  • Recognize and accept you are normal – everyone has negative thoughts – in fact, studies indicate 77% of our thoughts are negative
  • When negative thoughts pop into your mind such as, “I can’t do this!” replace the thought with a positive message such as, “I am doing this!” – the “I am…” is important because it tells your brain you are doing it now
  • Your brain is capable of telling your entire body whatever it is you tell it – thus, the reason you tell it you are doing something so your brain sees it as doing it, a success – or when you tell it negative thoughts it will also ensure you have success – the negative will be achieved (yikes, not what you were hoping for I expect)
  • Include others in your positive thoughts – tell friends, family and co-workers what it is you are striving for – share your expectations and keep letting them know how close you are getting to it – it may be big, such as getting the next promotion, or small, such as finishing the project

Your mind can play games with you! It’s okay! Let it – just know you have the power to play the game the way you want to play it. Gender, age, title, none of those things make a difference, only what it is you want your life to be like – at work or in other parts of your life.

Thinking positively is the first step towards seeing the vision of the outcomes you want. From there you move onto the steps to create an outcome. You can’t get there though unless you have the first step – KNOW you can achieve the outcome/the result because you are positively focused on the desired end game.

You’ve got it! Put the negative thoughts aside and look at the positive – just get at it.

Sherry’s CORNER

Well it’s no surprise we’re experiencing freezing temperatures across Canada. It is always interesting to hear so many people complain about the cold and then to hear those few who find some good in this cray weather.

I find it interesting how we look at what’s going on around us – sometimes based on past experiences and sometimes based on just what’s happening at the moment. Living in the moment has so much to offer us – feeling the extreme cold, bundling up so nothing freezes in the walk from the car to the office, ensuring pipes aren’t freezing and cars are starting and listening to what people have to say about the temperatures.

By living in the present we can learn much more about ourselves. After all, the past is behind us and the future is ahead. The only thing that matters is the present – the now. Enjoy your now – feel it all – the present that is going on around you right now.

Please share your experiences of “now” – there is so much we can learn about ourselves.

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“When you think positive, good things happen.”
Matt Kemp

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