Five Signs Your Employees are Fleeing Due to Engagement Challenges

Recently a young man we worked with left his plumbing job – he is excited about the field, enjoys getting up in the morning for his job and likes the people he works with. In fact, he is hoping to work towards his apprenticeship by going to school in the fall. Why then did he leave? The answer is simple. Because he is young and mobile, he was constantly being sent to jobs out of town. The good part of this is his meals and his accommodation have been paid for by the company. The downside is he cannot get together with his friends in the evenings. Continue reading

Your People, That’s Your Business – It’s Not the “Stuff” You Have!

Many years ago the head of Saskatchewan Coca Cola said to me, “All these people here are my assets. If you take away my building and my machinery, no problem, we can be up and running quickly! However, if you take away my people, there is no way I can be running tomorrow.” People are your biggest asset, regardless of what your accountants tell you. The building, the equipment, the computers, staplers and pens are merely assets to the people who use them. Continue reading