Is it Rude to Not Return Phone Calls?

IS IT RUDE TO NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS?It drives me nuts! On any given day I am on the phone – calling clients, friends and prospects. Guess which ones never get returned? If you guessed all three you are right – there are times when clients, friends and prospects don’t return calls – I bet this is a surprise. You probably thought it’s only prospects that don’t return calls. Wrong! Continue reading

Flexibility in the Workplace

work-life-balanceWell, it is out there – the latest Softchoice survey has just released its findings and they are going to cause many organizations to stand on their heads. The workplace as we know it is changing. This is definitely not a surprise yet some of the findings may make us sit up and take more notice about how we run our businesses. Continue reading

Three Reasons to Get Rid of Performance Appraisals

PerformanceGeneral Electric did it! Microsoft did it! And so did Adobe! Each of these companies canned the age old format of Performance Appraisals. GE has a reputation of having the yearly Performance Appraisal and then ranking all staff and letting those who are the lowest 10% fired. They got rid of this formal forced ranking about 10 years ago, however, they did carry on with Performance Appraisals. Continue reading

10 Ways to get Yourself Fired!

Here in Canada it has been all over the news lately – the group of young men who were harassing a TV reporter by yelling lewd remarks into her microphone. Many feel they have the right to free speech and just as many feel they were inappropriate. More still, feel that although inappropriate nothing should be done about it.

Let’s look at what happened to one of the young men. Shawn Simoes was fired from his engineering  position at Hydro One. Now  is the time to look at what can get one fired in the business world. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Your Organization Will Get Hacked Like Sony In the Near Future

Sony dropped the ball when it placed a marketing specialist as the head of IT. The rumor is key positions in IT leadership roles were filled due to office politics rather than exhibited skills. There is nothing unusual about that, however, with little knowledge of the IT field, one exposes one’s organization to a number of risks. In Sony’s case, we understand they were hacked! Continue reading